The Gallery

With over fifteen years of experience, has gained national and international prestige and recognition.

Soraya Cartategui is a Spanish gallerist of fine arts, specializing in Dutch and Flemish XVI and XVII century art

Soraya Cartategui was the pioneer in introducing master works of the Dutch Golden Age into the Spanish market, instituting her as a noted point of reference for private and public collectors.

National art fairs such as Feriarte (Fair of Antiques in Spain) and Artemania, and also in international events such as the Antique Art Fair of Lisbon (Portugal), the Antique Fair in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Antique Art Fair of Milan (Italy), and The Moscow World Fine Art Fair (Russia), The Original Miami Beach Antique Show (Miami), The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show (Palm Beach), Spring Masters (New York),to name a few.

The Gallery publishes an annual catalogue featuring the key art works of the season as well as highlighting works that will be presented at the gallery or in art fairs. It is also common for the gallery to collaborate with magazines or newspapers specialized in art by adding scholarly articles about Dutch and Flemish art. Furthermore, every month the gallery analyzes and studies a different artwork from the new collection.

All of the art works presented in Soraya Cartategui Gallery are documented and certified by experts and renowned international appraisers.